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Our linen rental, laundry, and inventory control service for restaurants provides a comprehensive solution to all your restaurant linen needs. We offer high-quality linens for rental, including tablecloths, napkins, aprons, and towels, in a variety of colors and sizes. Our laundry process utilizes eco-friendly detergents to keep your linens hygienic and stain-free, and we offer inventory control services to monitor usage patterns and optimize your inventory. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a professional and cost-effective service, helping you maintain a clean and professional image for your restaurant. Contact us today to learn more.


-Fine Dining
-Cafes / Bistros
-Country Clubs
-Tavern / Bars
-Coffee Shops
-Fast Food
-Grocery Stores

Linens Offered

- Table Cloths
- Napkins
- Chef Clothing

- Table Cloths
- Napkins
- Chef Clothing

- Table Cloths
- Napkins
- Chef Clothing

At Cy’s Linen Service, Inc. you can expect:

Since 1945 we’ve been servicing all of South Florida with linen services from Key West to West Palm Beach.

Call us today for a FREE Quote: (305) 887-9441 or email us at Direct To You Linen Service: Linens for Restaurants, Spas, Medical Facilities and Hotels

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