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Cy's Linen Services

At Cy's Linen Services, our focus is on providing high quality linens and industry leading customer service so our customers can focus on running and growing their business. We pride ourselves in timely delivery and ensuring our customers are satisfied with our linen qualities.

"Cy's Linen is currently the exclusive linen service provider to 4 of Miami's 11 Michelin Star Restaurants"

Since 1945, Cy's Linen has services customers in the restaurant, spa, healthcare, and hospitality industry from Palm Beach down to Key West.

Cy's Linen is south Florida's leading provider of linen rental and laundry service solutions.

Our goal is to help our customers optimize their linen management programs. Our experienced management team of customer care representatives work directly with each client to maximize linen life and replacement, and provide the highest quality linens on a daily basis.

With years of experience in the linen rental and laundry industry, our team is committed to providing best-in-class service and quality to our clients each and every day.


Since 1945.

Providing high quality linen rental and commercial laundry services to restaurants, spas, healthcare, and hospitality customers in south Florida.

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